Advent Calendar Progress

DSCN0218You may remember I made mention of a plan to make an Advent calendar this year. Well, this is how it goes.

I’ve cross-stitched one before, a couple of years ago, but it appears I mislaid it somewhere in a move from one place to another and so I’m making another. Only this time, in a different fashion. Before I simply had a large piece of aida, onto which I stitch patterns and squares.

This time, I have a large piece of white fleece, and two-dozen or so little Mouseloft kits, all with a wintry feel. Each one will be a pocket on the calendar. I’m debating whether I number them or whether it’ll be a lucky dip each day. And then when it’s done, I’ll find a bamboo cane to hang it up with. And then stick little pressies in each pocket.

3 thoughts on “Advent Calendar Progress

  1. Such a fantastic idea – definitely on my 2015 to-do list! I’m currently in the middle of cross stitching my Christmas cards, some of them Mouseloft, others Hobby Craft (if you’re looking for more kits). I’ve used these Mouseloft kits before & loved them!

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