Jammy Truffles

Ah, the joys of chocolate! No kitchen is complete without some! And mine has 3-litre Kilner jars of white, milk and dark chocolate buttons. And a diminishing bag of cacao chips.

But anyway. My love of chocolate is well-documented.

I like quick, simple recipes, ones which I can easily adapt to suit my own laziness.

This method of making truffles came about because I have jars of jam being otherwise uneaten. I’m not a huge jam-eater – I prefer my toast with no extra adornment than a good butter – and Mark doesn’t like the particular jams we have, being home-made damson and blackcurrant.

I figured that the jam might be a suitable replacement for the butter in a normal, truffle-ganache.


So. You will need:

A sploosh of (preferably double) cream

A dollop or two of your preferred jam

Lots of chocolate (chips, or chopped bar)

(Or, if you prefer measurements: 50ml cream, a spoon of jam and 200g chocolate)

To make:

Gently heat the cream and jam over a moderate heat, stirring until the jam is all melted and it’s a lovely colour. Don’t quite boil. I don’t doubt but that you could make a blancmange like this if you so wished. I intend to test this theory at some point.

When the jam’s all melted and it’s all smooth, pour into the bowl of chocolate chips and stir until melted and smooth.

Leave to set before rolling in cocoa powder.

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