The Light at the End of the Tunnel

I’ll be honest, I might have already used that title for a blog-post, but it’s not where I thought it might be (ie – last November), so who knows.

Anyway, this tunnel is the novel which I speed-wrote last year (when I’ve brushed up on the blurby bit, I might even tell you about it). And then spent most of this year dithering about writing the actual ending. And rewriting what I’d written in my haste to write lots in little time.

But! Having finally, after about six weeks of nagging, printed a hard-copy of a completed draft, I have now finished this round of editing. That’s a good feeling. Creating a whole new document to copy-and-paste and make the changes onto an electronic version is less of a good feeling, but I do then (usually) read through everything again and spot other changes to be made. Unless I’m going through copy at this sort of time at night, in which case I skim through until I find the bits I changed on paper.

And at this moment in time, I have only the fifth and final section left to make electronic changes to. And then it shall be done, and I shall have no more excuses for sitting on my bum eating left-over (and therefore much reduced in the shops) Hallowe’en jelly beans. Apart from the sewing, that is. But it’s harder to snack and stitch at the same time.

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