NaNo, NaBlo, and Other Writing Challenges

With November fast approaching, it behoves me, and others like me, to make a decision about NaNoWriMo and NaBloPoMo. I’ve even chosen which of my many story-plans will be this year’s attempt. Or rather, Mark did, since I’m notoriously indecisive.

And yet, I think, on reflection, that I won’t be making the attempt. Not because I fear failure; I did it last year, I can do it again. But because I have quite a few demands on my time.

I’m still editing – I don’t like to rush these things – and I’m planning to make various Christmas-related items, one of which is (hopefully) an Advent calendar. Nothing like leaving everything to the last minute! Mostly because I don’t really like thinking about Christmas until the Autumn of Birthdays is done first – the last of which is the beginning of December. However. This year I’m attempting to be organised.

I will, though, have another go at NaBloPoMo – I failed quite badly last year, with my novel rather taking over. This year, I shall be stitching my way through November, so maybe there’ll be time for some intelligent, and not-so-intelligent, thoughts to make their way here.

Not that I intend to ignore entirely the writing of that novel, or the editing of the previous (whose name still needs finalising). I just won’t be racing to the end.

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