For Whom Do You Write?

Of all the hints and tips for bloggers, the most consistent one is this: Consider your reader. Who do you want to read your blog? Keep said person in mind as you write your posts. Think, always, about your target audience.

I’ve always hated that phrase: “target audience”. Especially when it comes to writing. I don’t think there should be age-limits on prose. Unless it’s clearly unsuitable content for, for example, under-tens, but then, chances are they won’t understand it, so it doesn’t really matter. As a child I was reading Enid Blyton and Conan Doyle. JK Rowling and Dorothy L Sayers. Adult content tended to go straight over my head.

When I write, I write for me. I don’t have an audience in mind. I write something which I would read, because what’s the point of a writer writing something which he or she wouldn’t read themselves? Why should I write for the enjoyment of others, but not for mine?

So I’m sorry, dear readers, but you aren’t at the forefront of my mind when I type this. Obviously, it’s wonderful to know that other people do read my work. I’m not saying that it’s not. It’s also good to know that other people enjoy my work. That I’m not alone in thinking as I do. But you’re not why I write.

I write because, as with a lot of writers, I must. The words in my brain demand that I release them into the world. The stories and characters demand a life. So when I write, the only thing I consider is the words themselves.

So perhaps, after all, I’m not writing for me. I’m writing for the words.

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