Needles, Earrings, and Colourful Threads

It’s funny how ideas catch hold. I’ve been planning this little spat of creativity for a while – a month or two, actually – and have only just got around to making it, which has also taken longer than it should have done. I did think, before I made it, that if it went well, that’s what all the girls I know would be getting for Christmas, but oof! The effort! So maybe, maybe not.

Anyway, this little idea was an earring book – but I find I haven’t much to say, except: Look! Sure it could be better, but still! Look! And isn’t the hedgehog cute?

I got the idea from Amazon, wDSCN0201hich sells polka dot ones for about £20, and I thought I could make one for less, given the vast amount of fabric I have sitting around. I missed the fact that I then decided I ought to stiffen the pages with aida. And, having discovered a company called Mouseloft which makes tiddly cross-stitch sets (perfect for those of us who aren’t so good at maintaining the interest to do a big one; they only take an evening), I chose to get one for the cover. But it still all cost less than the Amazon one. Well, apart from my time.

DSCN0202I thought it would take up less space than all my boxes of earrings. A nice idea, in theory. Except it turns out most of my earrings weren’t in boxes anyway, and I need to make another one for my necklaces, which are. Oh well!

Then I might do a travel one, with a page for earrings and pages with little pouches for necklaces and bracelets and rings.

And goodness, suddenly I have stuff to say about it!

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