And Repeat

One of the worst things about working in a shop is having to listen, over and over again, to music which someone else has chosen. And rarely is it good music.

Now, I’m usually fortunate in that I actually don’t listen closely to music. If it’s on, it’s on in the background and I largely ignore it. This means that every so often I’ll hear a snatch of the song and wonder if the CD’s been changed because I don’t remember hearing it before. It’ll still be the CD we’ve had all year.

But, I have learned several new songs. And they annoy me (well, that’s not really the right term: too strong; mildly irritate, maybe). For different reasons and not because I can’t stand the singer or because I know a better version. I have no idea if better versions exist. I don’t know if they’re the originals or covers.

The first which annoys me is that song about Jolene. Possibly that’s the title, but apparently the singer is worried that Jolene will steal her man. I’m sure it’s a valid concern. I don’t think singing about it will help. That’s not what annoys me. What annoys me is that it makes me think of pathetic Kathy from The Archers. (I know, I know, what am I thinking, revealing that I listen to/used to listen to The Archers? I’m only in my twenties. I listen to the Shipping Forecast too…) But anyway. The song makes me think of Kathy because her husband Sid and then later her partner Kenton both end up with the landlady, Jolene. See – singing about it didn’t help.

The other song which annoys me is that wretched one about a girl being on fire. It’s wonderfully Eurovision-y – and I’m most disappointed that it wasn’t – and catchy, but all I think is, “Wasn’t she taught to Stop, Drop and Roll?” Or is that no longer taught and I’m just showing my (I didn’t think it was that advanced!) age?

But I think the really worst part about these songs is this: I now know them. I go into other shops – not other Clinton’s stores, just other shops generally – and I recognise the songs playing. I was happy in my previous blissful ignorance.

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