Married Life

Shall I tell you a secret? Can you keep it secret? (I know – I see the, er, problems with whispering secrets on the ‘net, too.)

Well, it’s this. The best thing about being married is that I don’t have to plan or organise the wedding anymore. It’s wonderful. I don’t have to worry about dietary requirements or my dress fitting or shoes rubbing or people having fun or music or anything like that anymore. Not that I really worried, but you know how people ask questions, like you know all the answers. I’m sure I’m the weird one and most brides do, in fact, know all the answers.

Bride's Bouquet and Groom's Hat - photo taken by my sister, while we were sneaking scones and tea in between the many, many photographs being demanded...

Bride’s Bouquet and Groom’s Hat – photo taken by my sister, while we were sneaking scones and tea in between the many, many photographs being demanded…

But anyway. That’s all done and we’re settling into married life. (By the by, I thoroughly recommend The Royal Clarence in Exeter – a lovely hotel staffed by really lovely people and which serves frankly to-die-for food. We’ve already booked in for the same time next year for our first anniversary.)

And now I get people asking me about name-changes. To which I say, well, I’ll use whichever I feel like at that moment in time. But my passport and driving licence won’t be changed until they expire, since they still have some years left to run. The passport in particular, which is only a few years’ old and they simply give you a new ten-year one for a name-change and it costs almost as much as a new one. So my current one will run its course, and then I’ll think again about changing my name on it.

So that’s that. Now for the next stage of the Adventure of Life: the Honeymoon. We’ve decided that actually, since we’d probably get bored on a two-week trip somewhere, we’re going to treat this whole first year as the honeymoon and just have lots of little trips places. And drink lots of mead, as the traditional honeymoon drink. We found a really yummy one made by the Lyme Bay Winery. Like drinking honey, if you let it breathe a little for at least a day before drinking.


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