How Much do I Care…?

I’m not quite sure whether I should be panicking that something will go wrong, or be too chilled to care.

Given that I’ve spent pretty much the last however long since setting the date too chilled to care, I should probably do a bit of panicking, but that just seems like effort. Lazy, is me.

You’re probably wondering why I’m getting married, given the lack of interest I’ve shown in planning the whole shebang. The thing is, though, I want to marry Mark. I’m just not fussed about a wedding. I wanted to elope. A trip over the border to Gretna Green. Drag two random strangers in off the street to witness it. That’s how I’d’ve done it. But Mark wanted a wedding. (I know, weird. Usually it’s the other way around.) Compromises. I have got some nice dresses out of it, so can’t complain….


I have made my own veil though. See – I am getting into the spirit of it! I had some spare tulle, so thought, why not? I’m not certain I’ll wear it, but I have it if I do. Save me the £15 I was quoted by the people who altered my dress, or £5 on ebay. The ribbon cost a smidgeon extra, naturally, but pennies, really. Just took a bit of time hand-sewing the strips of tulle together.

And yes, I have used some peach tulle…

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