In the Hall of the Mountain Queen

Apparently I bore easily. This has gone from being a crafty/fashion/food blog to being a book-and-recipe blog, and still I don’t quite feel like it fits. Like that’s just a bit limiting, really. That and I don’t read nearly enough to be able to write about the books I’m currently reading. Certainly not on a weekly basis. I’ve already had to push the Shakespeares onto an alternate week basis.

I lay claim to the title writer, but really? I’m on the internet, flitting from gorgeous dresses I can’t afford through recipes I read for the pictures to fabulous lives I feel unable to live. I think about my writing a lot and I plan stories in some detail but I’m always distracted.


I’m what we might call one of life’s dreamers. I make plans and build castles in the air, and in my head, I’m the Queen. I rule my world with confidence and grace, like the actresses of yore ruled the screen. In reality, I’m sat on the sofa complaining that I’ve eaten too much or that nothing exciting happens in my life. I’m waiting for life to happen, rather than making it happen.

Well, no more. It’s time to be proactive for a change. It’s time to take control of my own destiny. And all those other clichés. I’m not sure what I’m going to be writing about, but it’ll be a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Observations on life, recipes I’m testing, books I read (I’m going to keep up the Shakespeare – I think it’s high time I read them all), hobbies I try on for size. It feels terribly self-centred and narcissistic to write about my life, but write what you know, right? I’ll try to keep it entertaining.


Welcome to the Hall of the Mountain Queen.

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