Flapjack Cream Tea Cheesecake

Apparently, I’m pretty rubbish at reading, and writing about, a Shakespearean play a week. I think it’s best if I make it an every other week thing. I shall have to find other things to read and write about in the alternate weeks.

Mostly, though, I think I just need to find discipline. I’m a sedate person by nature (sounds so much better than lazy!). I am content to let the world go by. Although, I suppose another word could be hedonist, but not necessarily in the stereotypical sense. I’m hedonistic in the sense that I like to have fun and I see no reason at all why life must needs be an unpleasant experience. It’s too short.

However, I feel like I need to have a go at this discipline malarkey, or I’ll never finish a novel. Just keep starting new ones. Besides which, I was pretty much up with the sun yesterday, and I managed to remain relatively energised until it went down again. Neither was I overly hungry, being sated by quantities of water and ice. And despite spending most of the day at work. Most odd.

But the discipline malarkey. I’ve heard a lot about the magical early dawn hours for writers. I want to find out if it’s true. If I can write well when I follow my circadian clock better. My clock is quite good. Especially as regards the being sleepy when it’s dark. Which means that I won’t be writing much in the winter, if this system works…

I’ll let you know how this experiment goes.


This week’s recipe is Flapjack Cream Tea Cheesecake. I was being too lazy to make a scone base, you see. I know there’ll be purists out there saying that it can’t be a Cream Tea without scone, and I’d agree. But I’ve heard some “purists” say that the only cream to use is whipped/extra thick double. I try to live and let live, but with Cream Tea, actually, clotted cream is best. Double cream, whipped or not, just isn’t a good substitute for butter. If you can, get Westcountry Clotted Cream.

It’s very simple. Pick your favourite flapjack recipe for the base and use to line a normal cake-tin. Allow to cool. Top with a mix made from: 1 tub Clotted Cream, 1 tub Cream Cheese, diced strawberries and icing sugar to taste. Make sure it’s all well mixed before dolloping on top of the flapjack. Decorate with strawberry halves. Pop in the fridge to set a bit, if you can resist.

Serve with tea in proper china with a saucer. And any remaining strawberries. I’m going to try this with a scone base at some point too.

Actually, this would be good for breakfast too.

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