What Stays in Vegas, by Beth Labonte

What Stays in Vegas is something that I’ve had on my Kindle for a while, and I’ve read it several times. I dip in and out of it when I want to pass the time, but don’t really want to challenge my brain. It’s what might be termed “chick lit” in that, there’s a splash of romance and a dollop of happy ending. And the closest we get to violence is a single punch.

It’s a story about a girl (Tessa) who has to move to Vegas from Massachusetts for three months. She’s an admin assistant in an engineering firm, but really, she’s an artist. In her spare time (while she’s on hold to whomever) she makes sculptures out of office supplies. Paper clips, bulldog clips, staples. Yeah, I can’t think of any other office supplies.

Anyway. She likes someone (Nick) in the Massachusetts office, but he’s married. So her trip to Vegas should be good for getting him out of her mind. Except that Nick drops hints of all not being well in his marriage. And then Tessa meets a cute engineer in Vegas. Oh, and her boss, the founder’s daughter, isn’t happy being an engineer. And also is really an artist at heart. But she’s the founder’s daughter, so an engineer it is.

Cue complications.

I’ll give you that it’s not Great Literature. But Tessa is believable. It’s a nice story about someone stuck doing a job she hates because she hasn’t figured out how to make a living doing what she loves, figuring it out. Because obviously it all ends happily.

I think that’s why I like it. Hope. Hope that all will be well.

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