Checking Your Work

There’s that point in a maths exam when you’ve finished and you’ve still got time when you’re supposed to double-check all your workings instead of just handing it in. Just to be sure.

It’s the same with writing, when you redraft something. Which is fine. Except for when you can’t see the mistakes, or improvements to be made.

I try not to rush exams, and I take my time with choosing my words. I like to make the first draft the best I can. Which makes it a bit tricky when it comes to redrafting, since I think the first is pretty damn good. Sure a word or two can be changed, or a sentence added or removed, but generally? I’m happy with it.

Obviously, though, it can be improved. So the second draft of my story, I’ve started again from scratch. I know where it’s going this time, instead of just making it up as I go, and some passages from the first draft I feel I can use as is, but, by and large, the first draft is just being my plan. What I should have had when I was writing it.

I’m not used to stories longer than a few thousand words, so this is, er, a novel experience. Normally I’d be pouring over a hard-copy, red pen in hand. No doubt, when this is done, I shall do just that with this, but right now, I’m focused on trying to keep details consistent as I go.

Anyway, as with checking my maths-working, I can’t necessarily see where I’ve gone wrong. I did it. I can follow my working and it all makes perfect sense to me.

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