On Singing a Song

I’ve written before about the troubles of choosing music for a wedding. Last time I moaned about the vast numbers of beautiful, suitable pieces for the processional and recessional pieces. So much to choose from! But fortunately, those two have now, finally, been chosen.

But Mark and I have had greater troubles with the choosing of hymns.

You see, being different denominations of Christian, we both know different hymns. Now, having attended a primary school of Mark’s denomination, I do know some of the hymns that he does. There is a small amount of overlap in our knowledge.

The problem, though, is that because these hymns are ones we both know from primary school, the numbers suitable for a wedding are even more limited. Especially since we’d rather it didn’t end up sounding like a school assembly. It’s not even like we need lots of hymns. Just two.

I so think we should have eloped. That would have saved so much (non) stress. Because, yup, this is probably the one issue that’s giving me/us the greatest stress of the whole organising. And even that isn’t much. Even with two months to go. (Scary how time flies! I still think of us having about six months left. I expect that’s why I’m so relaxed about it…)

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