As the Crow Flies

Who knew Burnham-on-Sea was such a hotbed of crime?

I read someone’s blog the other day (I’m sorry: I can’t remember who or where!) wherein he or she wrote one- or two-line reviews for a whole list of books he-or-she had read.

Since I’m not normally very good at reviewing things beyond “Good” or “Bad”, I thought I’d give this a go for the Monday book.

I don't know if they're crows, but they're the best I've got...

The chosen title this week is As the Crow Flies, by Damien Boyd.

But to begin, a quick blurb. This week’s book is another murder-mystery (actually, it calls itself a “fast-paced thriller”), but this time it’s a police detective in the lead. A man falls to his death in Cheddar Gorge and a local, ex-London detective (who also happens to be an old friend of the dead man) isn’t convinced it was an accident. It is the author’s debut.

Apparently, Nick Dixon, our friendly policeman, is “forced to break every rule in the book” to close this case. I’ll admit I don’t know every rule in the book, but I didn’t notice all that much rule-breaking until the end.

Anyway, my thoughts.

More Midsomer Murder or Agatha Christie than James Patterson, but to be honest? I prefer them to Patterson. I like Dixon, I like that I’m vaguely familiar to the scene (being a Westcountry-maid), I like that something REALLY EXCITING doesn’t happen on every page/in every chapter. It feels real.

A good job, Boyd. I look forward to more.

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