Twelfth Night

I actually managed to read all of it this week. Probably this is due to the train-journeys to and from the Eurovision party. I had the time to just sit and read. So I did.

Twelfth Night always confuses me. I understand the whole premise of mistaking twins. But would male and female twins really be that similar? Even with the female dressing up as her brother? And why don’t they cotton on to the fact that the twin they thought was dead might not be a bit sooner? Surely they would still be hoping against hope? They just seem a little slow to connect the dots…


As I was reading this, it came to me that this is one that I’ve seen. Last summer, the Globe broadcast their all-male performance to cinemas. The cast included Stephen Fry as Mavolio, Trigger from Only Fools and Horses as Sir Andrew, and Posner from The History Boys as Sebastian. (The other actors are just as worthy of notice, but these are the ones which I really remember.) And Olivia looked like she was on wheels, zooming about the stage. Actually, with that production, I can understand them mixing up the twins. I had trouble sometimes telling them apart.

But anyway. I’m not really going to comment on the writing – the fact that we still read and perform Shakespeare’s works is testament to that. Even with people suggesting we should cease to study them in schools, which, by the way, I think is a bad idea. I see absolutely no reason why schools should be dumbed down any further.

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