Hooked on Murder

I like a nice charity shop. I like the random collection of books. I like it even more when the books aren’t in alphabetical order. You can find all sorts of interesting stories in charity shops.

You know that adage about not judging books by covers? I tend to judge books by how soon after publication, and in what condition, a book ends up in a charity shop.

But anyway. Last week, I found this book – Hooked on Murder by one Betty Hechtman – in my local British Heart Foundation. I’ve liked mysteries since I first read Sherlock Holmes. Then came the murder mysteries with Poirot, Marple and Wimsey.


Hooked on Murder, published in 2008, calls itself a “crochet mystery”, probably because it revolves around ladies who crochet. Not knit. That is important.

The leader of a crochet group is found dead in her home by our narrator, one Molly Pink. For various reasons, she becomes the prime suspect. Except, it wasn’t her. So she tries to find out who it was.

Set in California, with a sprinkling of celebs, it’s a nice, light sort of murder mystery. It hasn’t the black humour of M.C.Beaton, nor is Molly really the sort of person likely to become an heir to any of the above detective greats, but it is still a good read. Molly is a believable character, as are most of the rest. I’m a bit dubious about Molly’s theory that the police-officer is trying to pin it on her because the police-officer is interested in Molly’s sort-of boyfriend, another police-officer. Who rather unchivalrously (but according to protocol) refuses to discuss the case with Molly.

I don’t normally try to work out who-did-it, but I’ll guess as I go. And my guess changes as I read. Unless it’s just too obvious. But this one might surprise you. And the writing isn’t awful, either, which always helps.

2 thoughts on “Hooked on Murder

    • Charity shops have random collections of books so you might find a good one, but you might not. You never know until you look, which is one of the things I like about them. Have fun and good luck! 🙂

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