The Tempest

I managed to find the time to finish it this week.

As Shakespeare’s plays go, and maybe I’ll find this to be the case with his other comedies, it reminded me a great deal of the sort of thing that Gilbert and Sullivan created. This is in no way a bad thing. One of the constants in my childhood was a yearly trip to see the I.C.Op.Soc. production in Budleigh Salterton. Until about 2003, it was a G&S. Every year. I like a good comic opera or musical.

So yes. I could quite see The Tempest being set to a score by Sullivan with a chorus of sailors and spirits.


Although I still don’t think that I’d have been quite so eager to forgive and forget my brother’s betrayal, if I was Prospero. Well, maybe I could. If he was in exile and I never had to see him again. To be honest, I don’t think I’d be so eager to believe Prospero was who he said he was if I was Alonso. Not after all I’d been through. But this is just me.

All in all, though, once you’ve untangled the various plots and worked out who’s who, The Tempest is quite a fun read.

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