Breakfast Flapjack

There’s nothing quite like being asked “And what do you do?” to make you think about what you do, if you’re like me and could be doing better. You know, moderately intelligent and not living up to that because you’re still working out your life’s path. (How to sound pretentious: use flowery phrases to avoid repetition…)

I was asked this the other day, following a discussion about hobbies. And since then, I’ve been thinking about What I Do. Which isn’t really all that much.

I go to work. I come home and read and try to write and bake and watch things. I have loads of plans for things I want to do, and then say I don’t have the time. Which is a lie, really. Unless I were to try to do everything I want to do. It’s more that I don’t really have the money. Which is sad. For me, anyway.

That, and I’m really a lazy person at heart. I’m much better at dreaming and planning than I am at actually doing. Which is why I have at least half a dozen notebooks with a couple of pages of planning for a story. I have lots of ideas. I’m working on spinning them into actual stories.

And to fuel that, this week, I’ve been baking flapjack.


Now, I know I’m not much of a breakfast person, but in the winter, I don’t think you can really beat a nice bowl of porridge with a dollop of jam.

So here’s the summery version: flapjack. It’s quick and simple and I like to think it’s relatively healthy.

I switched the honey with a spoon or two of home-made blackberry and apple jam, chucked in a handful of berries and cacao chips, and it’s been making a very nice way to start my days. At brunch-ish time. To be honest, it could probably have done with a bit more butter or jam, to stick it all together better, but never mind.

So. Melt you some butter and jam together and stir it into a bowl of oats, adding berries and cacao chips. Or chocolate chips, if that’s what you prefer. To be honest, aside from the basic butter, jam, and oats, it’s really all up to you. Flapjack is wonderfully adaptable.

Spread on a tray and bake for about ten minutes at a normal sort of temperature. 180C sounds about right.

Like I said, I’m quite lazy, really.

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