Stormy Waters

I’m supposed to be writing about The Tempest, that being the Shakespearean work of the week.

Only, I haven’t finished it yet. Life has rather got in the way, although I am making some headway with it. I’m about half way through.

So far, there’s lots of pessimism and a lesson in not lying to your children. Although, saying that, Miranda didn’t seem all that fussed by Prospero’s revelation. Or is she? She didn’t seem so to me, but then, I don’t tend to try and analyse stories as I read them. I just read them. And enjoy them, or not. And I probably wasn’t concentrating fully, since I’ve been reading this at bed-time.

And there’s a lesson in trusting people who’ve stabbed others in the back. Never trust a usurper. Just as well Ariel was about. I mean, seriously? Why would you ever trust someone like Antonio? If they’ve done something so devious once, chances are they’ll do it again – or help others to do it. Like that old adage about men marrying their mistresses and creating vacancies.

Obviously some can be redeemed, and do change their ways. But I’d still keep them at a distance. Or, indeed, keep them closer. That way you can keep an eye on them…

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