Looking in the Mirror

Why do you wear make-up?

Mark and I were discussing, in particular, the wearing of lip-colours.

Now, I’m generally too lazy to wear make-up (a previous boyfriend once told he’d thought I was a lesbian because of my lack of make-up. I know, I know. Weird logic), but sometimes I do. A dash of lip-stain, a flick of mascara, a smudge of eyeshadow. It depends how much I feel like interacting with society.

Because that’s the difference. Mark reckons that lipstick especially doesn’t suit most women. It’s often too bright, too slutty. Unclassy. Unattractive.

But that’s not why I wear it. To me, make-up is more of a mask. A way to feign confidence. It makes me feel like I can be or do anything.

What’s your reason?

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