From Zero to Hero

There’s something about classic cars that is just so glamorous. Probably the same kind of thing which makes the clothing so beautiful.

A love that went into the crafting, perhaps, or into the designing.

My dad’s owned a Spitfire for the better part of his life. It was fun all of us (my three siblings and me) squishing ourselves into it on sunny days to go to primary school.

Why do I tell you this? Well, some years ago, my dad and I got a Herald 1200. A project for restoring. It took a while. Mostly because I was supposed to be doing more of it than I did – I’m frankly better at taking things to pieces than I am at putting them back together – and my dad always had lots of other things to do.

Anyway, she went from this:


To this:


The blue and white one in the foreground. Photos both taken by my father.

And apparently for less than £1K. Not bad for a 40-year-old car that had spent the better art of twenty years rusting in a barn. Poor thing!

And now she’s up for Practical Classics’ Restorer of the Year at the NEC Restoration Show in April.

Such a pretty car! If I do say so myself (me being the one to choose the paints. My dad wanted to paint a Union flag on the roof, to go with the blue and white paint-job and the red leatherette upholstery).

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