The Superhero Child

I met a superhero today.

She was all of about two years old, and she’s going to save the world.

Probably with her cuteness.


I like it when a child doesn’t need help in having fun.

I don’t know about you, but I spent hours in the Fairyland I imagined as a child. Or I was on Mt Olympus being Athena. Or Odysseus. I wasn’t fussed. I was off having adventures.

I think reading’s an important part of this kind of imagination. The games I played, on my own or with my sister, were inspired by the stories we read. Reading encourages creativity and exercises the imagination.

(You know, while I was thinking about this post, because the little superhero made me smile so much, I made a list of things to include. But I’ve left it somewhere and I’m sadly too lazy to go and fetch it.)

Oh yes! Boredom. I was going to say something about that. About how an ability to imagine exciting adventures or stories can save you from any amount of tedium when there’s nothing to do and little to distract you.

But yes. Go, read. Exercise your imagination.

It’s more fun than running. I should know. I do both.

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