I’ll be honest. Going to Vivien of Holloway was not my primary objective for my jaunt to London last week.

You see, last summer, in the heat of July, my friends and I did some serious forward planning. We got tickets to see Tom Hiddleston (otherwise known as Loki) in the title role of Coriolanus at the Donmar (accompanied by Mark Gatiss (Mycroft Holmes) as a friendly Menenius, with some quite nice snippy remarks). Sadly, these were not tickets for the live show. Despite being up and ready to buy them at 9AM sharp, such was the way of internet connections that we failed. So we did the next best thing. We procured tickets for the live screening to the cinema around the corner from the Donmar Theatre.

Coriolanus, despite being one of Shakespeare’s lesser known works, seems to be having a revival. Have you seen the Ralph Fiennes/Gerard Butler film? That film was the first I’d heard of this play. I have the DVD. I haven’t yet watched it, but the trailers do make it look good. And now I know how it goes.

If you are fortunate enough to be able to procure day-tickets for Coriolanus in the next ten days or so, do. It was a fantastic performance by all concerned. For such a small theatre (it seats about 250 people, so you can see why the tickets sold out so quickly), it was well-staged, given the space available. 

The only potential “bad” point is that the fake-blood looked something like raspberry jam, and the wounds like red slugs. But then, how realistic do we really need such things? I did think that perhaps a string of sausages would make some equally credible guts.

If you get the chance, watch this.


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