The Conversion of the Unbeliever

But not on the way to persecute the believers.

Instead, I’m on my way to London for the day (and night).

I’ve never really thought that I needed or wanted a phone with internet. I have a laptop and I sometimes like being out of range. Makes me feel less dependent.

Except this means that, while this post counts for yesterday (I know, I forgot…), I’m not going to be able to post for today. Because my phone doesn’t have internet on it. Either that or a little netbook/tablet thing. You can tell: I’m a techno-geek, honest.

But I don’t have one of these exciting things which would allow me to work on the go (and no, I’m not lugging my laptop to London just for one night). So there we go. That and I really don’t like touchscreens.

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