With this Ring…

I thee wed? I rule the world? I hide it away and wait for it to duplicate and make me lots more gold?

Guess which I’m after…


There’s this look that people have in jewellery shops when my partner and I ask about wedding rings. It’s a nice blend of confusion, doubt and “you’re just trying to be difficult, aren’t you?”. We know it quite well, even with our preliminary investigations into wedding rings.

You see, in his infinite wisdom (and knowing my taste in gold) Mark found for me a beautiful engagement ring with a rose gold band. Vintage Art Deco. Not my favourite period, but I’m not sure that I coud’ve found a better ring. Sapphire, diamonds and rose gold. Both our birth stones and my favourite colour gold. In 18ct rose gold.

Most places don’t even do 9ct rose gold, let alone 18ct. Although, I’ll have fun when we do find one. Because then my inner geek will come out to play. Because my wedding ring will be the (almost original) One Ring.

I might have mentioned my minor obsession with all things Völsunga. The story which both Wagner and Tolkien used, with a Ring which everyone wants and fights over. A Ring which, if left alone, perhaps guarded over by a dragon, will duplicate every nine days. Made of red Rhine gold.

Yes, one of my first thoughts on being presented with a rose gold engagement ring was “My wedding ring’s going to be the One Ring!!!” (Obviously, the very first thought was “Yes!”)

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