Dear Diary, Today I…

Before I begin, I’d like to say, I’m trying not to whine or complain or bitch or anything negative in that sense. This is merely a musing which occurred to me this evening as I try to reach today’s target of words, plus extra to make up for really not reaching my target on Thursday. Due to the procrastinating.

It occurs to me that this daily blog-thing feels something like a diary. Only not. Because my diaries are frankly boring (I live a quite pedestrian sort of life), and I’m not about to start sharing my most private thoughts and feelings. Hell, I won’t let my partner read my diaries! Not about to share them with the world.


Only, with a diary, if I miss a day, I can catch up the next day, or whenever I have a moment to sit down and write in it. With this, because I made a commitment to write a daily blog-post, I can’t do that. Because then I’d get lazy about it, and I’d start skipping days left right and centre. And I can barely manage to write one a day, let alone two or more!

Don’t get me wrong, I quite like having to force my brain to be creative every day and think of new things to write about, even if I don’t have photos for all of them, but darn do I leave it late! Mind you, writing late at night is when I tend to be the most productive. At least, it was when I was writing essays.

I’d sit and grumble at the time-gremlins, but I doubt that’s such a good idea. Which reminds me: must leave some milk for the writing-brownies…

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