To Put Off Until Tomorrow…

Or, to Procrastinate. Something all of us do at some point or another. Although, I do find it amusing that while I write this, I’m actually procrastinating about my NaNoWriMo task. Because I should be writing that. I still need another 5000 or so words to meet my target for this week.

Instead, I’m writing this (not that that’s a bad thing given the blogging challenge I accepted), and window-shopping online. Living my fantasy life where I can afford to buy all the dresses I like, where I have more money than sense.

It’s that point in a story when I normally have problems. With any other, I’d go away, start another, come back to it in a few months. But my aim is to finish this one this month, so I can’t do that. The best I can manage is a tea-break. With biscuits, obviously. Can’t have tea without a biscuit…


The Light at the end of the Tunnel. Two Paths. Take your pick…

I sometimes think that the Art of Procrastination is underrated. People think that because you’re not just getting on with whatever, nothing’s being done about it. But just because you’re not actively working on it doesn’t mean that your brain isn’t mulling it over in the background. Some of my best ideas appear in my brain when I’m doing something else.

I once had a lecturer who practically insisted that we all switch off every ten minutes or so, to keep our brains functioning. Especially as it was a 9am lecture. Not my best time for focusing, I will admit…

And I think I read somewhere once that day-dreamers are more productive, because they let their brains have a little rest every so often. Or something. All I can remember about that study is that they concluded that day-dreaming is a Good Idea. Which is good for me. I’m often to be found in my own little world…

So, cheers! Here’s to the Procrastinators amongst us!

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