The Law of David and Colby

This harks back to the TV distractions I mentioned back at the beginning of October. I think it was about then. Bemoaning a minor addiction to Lie to Me. That finished. I moved on to something which my friend Katie introduced me to.


Back in July, living off mostly ice cream (because what else is the summer for?), she introduced me to several series. We started with Numb3rs, an FBI drama with a genius mathematician who helps solves cases. Do you know it?

It got me thinking about numbers and maths again. I like numbers and problem-solving, even if I’m not so good at the exams. It’s partly why I like history – all those dates!

But anyway. It was through watching Numb3rs that I started thinking about developing my Law of Dead. I say “started thinking about”, but mostly it just sort of happened. Basically it describes the probability of someone being dead before the feds or police or whoever turn up to interview them. Still working on the maths for that.

But the Law of David and Colby. That, Katie and I came up with together. It involves less maths. It’s much simpler, and easy to remember. Agents David Sinclair and Colby Granger, if you don’t happen to know the series, are partners. They work well together.


(Because my maths is complicated…)

The Law of David and Colby basically says that if they go off separately, or with other partners, then something bad will happen. As long as they’re together, everything is fine, even if it looks bleak. This holds true across other series – they become murderers or get killed. Well, OK, not across all shows, but still.

The thing to remember is that it all goes wrong if David and Colby are separated.

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