Not-So-New-Year’s Resolution; or: How to Use Time More Effectively Between Job-Hunts

Apparently I’m not good at this. I keep leaving vast chunks of time between posts. Easily distracted. Or a good procrastinator. Or something.

Something I’ve done for years. Start a project, loads of good intentions, lots of energy and passion and interest, and then life gets in the way. It has a habit of doing that. Do you find that?

I’m rubbish at remembering to take photos too. I carry my camera most places, but I forget to actually take it out and use it. I’ve got a decent memory for things I’ve seen (not so much for what people say though…) so I don’t always see the need for a photo.

Anyway, my not-so-new-year’s-resolution is to be better at writing and posting. And not just about baking or truffling. Because I’m not always in the kitchen.


I’ve recently moved. I moved in with my fiancé. Big steps all at once. Guess I’m jumping. We’ve been together for three years. Became engaged and co-habitees all at once, it seems. But anyway.

Now I’m one of the mass unemployed graduates. Except I like to think of myself as a writer. So I am working (honest, parents), I just haven’t been paid yet.

I think part of my problem with this blog is that while I originally intended for it to have no specific subject, it quickly became about the kitchen. So I need to reclaim it and sit with my cup of tea and biscuits (or kanelbullar) and talk about other things.


Like what’s distracting me from life at the moment. Which is mostly Netflix.

There’s a lot of TV series out there. A lot of good ones too. I’m currently a little addicted to most of the American crime dramas. I will say this for American TV: they’re crime dramas are usually pretty damn good. Or maybe I’ve only seen the good ones. (British TV does some good ones too. Sometimes.)

Currently I’m a little wrapped up in Lie to Me. Lots of lies and mysteries. I’ve always liked mysteries, and I like it when a crime drama isn’t just about murders (although I do like Castle. Have you tried the novels? Quite good fun).

My friend Katie introduced me to this several months ago, but we only got to half way through the second season. I don’t really like leaving things half-finished. So I’ve gone back to it. Started at the beginning again, and just now reaching where we left off.

It’s less addictive than I remember, but then, I have seen these episodes before. Which was the point, because I’m trying to write at the same time. Multi-tasking woman and all that. It’s harder when it’s an exciting new episode.

What’s your favourite TV series?

2 thoughts on “Not-So-New-Year’s Resolution; or: How to Use Time More Effectively Between Job-Hunts

    • Buffy’s one series I’ve never watched. Read a couple of the books, though. I keep going back to Numb3rs. I need to find something new; I’m coming to the end of House, which is my current viewing pleasure…

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