Sorry, I’ve been in a sugar-induced daze for the last few days. It’s not that my break from sugar was difficult, but it was limiting. Now I can eat things again without worrying about the ingredients. Well, no more than I used to.

Having ended my fast on Friday with hot cross buns with honey, I made an Easter egg, from 85% cocoa chocolate on Saturday: DSCN1774

Eggs are nice and easy to make. You melt chocolate in a bowl over simmering water (don’t let any steam or water into the chocolate: it’s DSCN1771like a cat – doesn’t like getting wet!) and then paint it onto a mould and let it set. Obviously for a whole egg you need to make two halves, and then glue them together with a little of the left-over chocolate in the pan. Because there’s always some over. Which means you get to lick the bowl out when you’re done 🙂


Now since I miss the eggs of my childhood which had the extra goodies hidden inside, I was going to make truffles, from a new-to-me recipe, to hide away. Unfortunately, the truffle recipe didn’t set enough to actually turn into truffles, so I just dolloped it in, like a truffle creme egg. And much tastier – I always find creme eggs a tad bit too sickly-sweet.


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