I went to the Chocolate Festival and I bought…

…Not as much, nor tasted as much, as I would have liked. Sadly. I know, it’s my own fault, nobody forced me to give up sugar/added sweeteners for Lent. That and it was frankly far too cold to be standing around for long periods of time. Those poor people at the stalls! Although, at least the chocolate wasn’t melting, I suppose!


There’s a chocolate festival twice a year at London’s Southbank Centre: one on Palm Sunday weekend (so this one just gone: yes! Only a week left of Lent!) and one at the beginning of Advent. I try to go to both. Not because I really expect it to change so much, but because I like chocolate. I like seeing what other people are doing with it and seeing if there are any new ideas I can take away to test with chocolate myself. I try to experiment with chocolate as much as I can. There’ll be more chocolate experiments after Easter. Promise.

Anyway, I decided that this year I was going to reward myself for managing my Lenten fast (without even any noticeable cravings either! I’m quite impressed!), so I bought an Easter egg. I know, so original of me, an egg at Easter…

This egg was made in Kent, by a company called STAS chocolatier. Quite honestly, I’m looking forward to Easter!

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