Apple and Cinnamon Chocolate

Apple and Cinnamon Chocolate

Today, I figured that I needed a chocolate which was less bitter than the dark stuff I made last week. The cacao liquor gave an almost overpowering taste. I thought this time I would go all the way to the other extreme, to the chocolate which some people say isn’t really chocolate. To White Chocolate.
Normally, white chocolate is largely sugar and milk. I can’t have the sugar, so mine will be mostly cream (double; I rarely do such things by half) and cacao butter. Since we still have some of the apple juice left over from the flapjacks, I add a splish of that too. It all goes into a saucepan over a low heat to melt and mix together. I add a generous sprinkle of ground cinnamon as well. The butter melts and it all gets well and truly stirred. I pour the mixture into my well-used moulds and leave it to set on the side.
Turns out, I may have used a tad too much liquid. The chocolates don’t fully set. They are, in fact, slightly crumbly, but quite creamy. A bit like the cream cheese that my mother used to make. But tasty. I prefer it to the dark chocolate I made last week, I must say. Next time, I must remember to use less cream and juice. Now if only I knew precisely how much I used this time….!

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