Chilli Chocolate

Chilli Chocolate

So. Having made some really dark chocolate – think like 80% and higher – and having had it taste-tested by various people, the suggestion was put forward for it to be flavoured with chilli. Now, ok, this isn’t an original idea – apparently chilli is one of the flavours the Aztecs etc. used – but it’s still an idea with merit.
I’m currently still sort of basking in the glow of having managed to make edible chocolate. It’s a first for me. I’m impressed by the intensity of the flavour, given that there’s maybe a quarter of a pint or more of double cream in it. OK, there’s not much else, just cacao liquor and butter and vanilla essence, but still. There’s nothing milky about this chocolate. And it seems to snap cleanly too, which is odd because I don’t think I tempered it.
But anyway. The chilli chocolate idea takes hold. Since I’m still just experimenting at this stage, I figure I won’t lose anything by just melting the plain chocolate down and adding a decent sprinkling of the mild chilli powder currently in the cupboard. So that’s what I do. I know, complicated, right?
Once melted and stirred to mix in the powder properly, it gets poured into moulds and set in the fridge.
And then I build pyramids with them…

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