There Be Dragons…!

There Be Dragons...!

I’ve always liked dragons; dragons are awesome. There’s something so wonderfully graceful and elegant about the fire-breathing winged lizards. And they’re nearly always beautiful jewel colours. You don’t often find a pastel pink dragon sleeping on (probably) her stash of silver. Not even the dragon in Shrek was a pastel colour.
My dragon, whom I have named Fáfnir, came about because I felt that the black coffee table was, frankly, boring and required livening up. Fáfnir is the dragon from the Saga of the Volsungs/Nibelungenlied/Wagner’s Ring Cycle who steals the Rhine-gold which causes lots of problems. So I gathered poster paints and glitter glues and paint brushes, found a picture of a dragon which I could copy and drew a dragon on the table top. Then I settled down to listen to Radio 4 as I painted. Fáfnir has been varnished to help protect him from the dangers and rigours of life and one day, I plan to cover him with a glass pane. Just don’t steal any of his treasure-hoard! Don’t even try…

2 thoughts on “There Be Dragons…!

  1. I didn’t know it was on a table! I like this idea. I saw it in a magazine one time not too long ago and thought I should try it…. though I have no furniture I can attack. Boo

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