So, Sewing…

So, having decided that now is indeed the time for me to start making vintage-style dresses, and gathering fabric, scissors, patterns, and other dress-making items, I remembered my lack of that probably most useful accessory: a sewing machine. Sewing by hand would, quite honestly, take far too long, and while I generally have faith in my stitches, the skirts I’ve made in the past have usually required regular mending. I therefore embarked upon a hunt for a machine.

I have never really been friends with sewing machines, probably because those available to me have generally been quite old, rickety machines, especially the ones at school. They’ve always made me fear for my fingers. I insisted on hand-sewing in Textiles; for some reason, I was allowed, probably because I wasn’t otherwise a problem.

Anyway, so having decided that I now need a machine, I made my way to John Lewis, that being the only place I know in my area which has a haberdashery. They have a dizzying array of machines, especially so to someone who’s actually only heard of Singer sewing machines. They all do lots of exciting things, with function names which aren’t hugely clear.

Fortunately, John Lewis has friendly, well-trained assistants. I was rescued by one such knowledgeable person, which was just as well, because none of it really made much sense to me. He patiently explained all the different functions and helped me to choose a shiny, all-singing, all-dancing Janome machine. It probably does more than I strictly speaking require at this moment in time, but I like the thought that I can ‘grow into’ my sewing machine. Given its weight (8kg) I must wait further until it can be delivered. If it means I don’t have to carry it home, I think I can cope with waiting a bit longer before I can finally make my emerald green dress…

2 thoughts on “So, Sewing…

  1. Hmm, I think I will need a sewing machine in the maybe not so distance future. I plan to alter things rather than make them, at least to begin with. Seems a bit easier. You shall have to let me know how yours is, if you haven’t already got it 😛

  2. I like my sewing machine. She’s very nice and simple to use and can do lots of things and will hopefully last me a very long time, so I can use her for making curtains and stuff when I have my own home 🙂

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