Chocolate Teapot

Chocolate Teapot

Now, granted there isn’t that much that you can do with a chocolate teapot, although possibly it could be used for cold sauces (if you let them cool before you fill the teapot), or it could be just a large filled chocolate, but I can’t help thinking that it would be easier to find a use if it wasn’t full of holes…
Okay, it breaking when I removed it from the mould is my fault – I didn’t make the chocolate thick enough – but I get the feeling that it still wouldn’t fit together properly. I think this calls for further investigation (oh no, oh tragedy. Woe is me, I must make, and therefore eat, more chocolate teapots…However shall I cope?). Maybe if I fill it with tea-flavoured truffle…?

4 thoughts on “Chocolate Teapot

  1. Oh yes! “About at useful at a chocolate tea pot” came to mind, then I realised you had actually made it. Looks tasty. The lid looks very very pretty! I’m currently working on my scarf at the moment, it is nearly nealy done!! Squee. I also have some sexual (is that scuppering with rule two?) new craft items! Have I shown you my latest craft ideas? I quite like it…

  2. It was tasty. Part of Operation Use Up Chocolate. You’ll have to let me know how your scarf goes! I was making socks, but I’ve been distracted.
    While it doesn’t contravene any rules, possibly the internet isn’t the place to talk about it?
    And no, you haven’t shown me your latest craft ideas! Do tell…

  3. I shall send some of my new craft goodies your way soon. There are a few I’m looking into, but I’ll just send you what I know for now 🙂
    Chocolate does have a habit of being very nom…

  4. Chocolate is very nom. I can’t wait until Easter, but I am having fun experimenting with making some I can eat…

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